Free Exam Registration Service

We do all of the work for you!

We are committed to providing you superior customer service at excellent prices!
In addition to selling vouchers, we are also an authorized Prometric and VUE testing center which means that we can schedule your exam at any testing center in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico for free!

Simply find the testing center that can deliver your exam by using the Pearson VUE Test Center Locator or Prometric Test Center Locator .

Then, tell us that you want us to schedule your exam when you check out. Be sure to include the testing center, exam number, date, and time. We provide places for you to include this when you check out.

If the testing center that you wanted is booked up for that date or time, then we will contact you to find a different date, time, or testing center.

We are a leading Authorized Prometric Testing Center (APTC) and Authorized VUE Testing Center in the U.S. offering comprehensive technology-based testing services. We have been recognized nationally by Prometric as "APTC Of The Year" for our commitment to customer service and have also received Yahoo's "Top Service Star" for our commitment to excellent customer service. Please visit our company home page at

Exam Registration Policies

Test Cancellation and Rescheduling If you need to cancel or reschedule please call Prometric or VUE one (1) business day in advance by 7pm Central Time or your funds will be forfeited.

ID Requirements
We suggest you check in 15 minutes prior to the test appointment time. Please remember that you need to bring 2 forms of ID, one with a current photograph and both with a signature. A SS/SI card is not accepted as a form of ID.